Om meg


Navn Martin Haugo
Født 04.09.1983
Bosted Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Høyde 191 cm
Vekt 80 kg
Klubb Andebarkji TSK
Team Team Merida Norge
Hobby Motorsport
Jobb Road Bike Guide Captain
Elite siden 2008



  • 4 – Ayagaures Marathon, Gran Canaria
  • 17 – Artenara Enduro, Gran Canaria


  • 31 – Andalucia Bike Race, Spain
  • 8 – Vestmarkrittet, Norway
  • 6 – Blue Lagoon Challenge, Iceland


  • 23. plass NM maraton Helterittet
  • Transalp finisher
  • 13. plass NC maraton Molde Challenge
  • 5. plass Blue Lagoon Challenge, Iceland
  • 28. plass sammenlagt La Rioja Bike Race
  • 41. plass UCI Roc Laissagais, France


  • 1. plass Gaurhovdrittet
  • 7. plass Merida MTB Maraton, Danmark
  • 10. plass Ultrabirken
  • 61. plass UCI Roc d’ Azur Maraton, Frankrike
  • Transalp finisher



  • 2. plass M30-39 Giant Cup, Horten (8. totalt)
  • 2. plass Blue Lagoon Challenge, Island
  • 2. plass Hallingrittet
  • 9. plass Farrisrunden
  • 11. plass Valdresrittet
  • 15. plass NC Rundbane, Darbu
  • Andalucia Bike Race finisher


  • Andalucia Bike Race finisher
  • 5. plass sammenlagt Tour de Hallingdal
  • 5. plass Valdresrittet
  • 8. plass NC Maraton, Skarverittet
  • 13. plass NC rundbane, Konnerud
  • 55. plass Menn Elite Birkebeinerrittet


  • Andalucia Bike Race finisher
  • 1. plass Sparebank1-Cup, Gol
  • 13. plass NC rundbane (tempo), Hafrsfjord
  • 18. plass NC rundbane, Konnerud
  • 19. plass NC rundbane, Svelvik
  • 21. plass Raumerrittet
  • 23. plass Merida Wallonia Cup, Mons (BEL)


  • 1. plass Giant Cup, Horten
  • 1. plass Sparebank1-Cup, Gol
  • 2. plass Tour de Hallingdal
  • 7. plass NC Rundbane, Skullerud
  • 7. plass Birkebeinerrittet ( i klassen)
  • 8. plass NC Maraton, Drammensrittet
  • 8. plass NC Rundbane, Svarstad
  • 10. plass NM Rundbane, Festningsrittet Trondheim
  • 13. plass NC Rundbane, Halden
  • 13. plass NC Rundbane, Bærum
  • 14. plass NC Maraton, Terrengsykkelrittet
  • 14. plass NC Rundbane, Dalane
  • 15. plass NC Rundbane, Svelvik
  • 16. plass NC Maraton, Sølvstufossrittet
  • 16. plass NC Rundbane, Horten
  • 19. plass NC Maraton, Å i Heiane
  • 20. plass Raumerrittet
  • 30. plass Grenserittet


  • 1. plass Gaurhovdrittet
  • 9. plass NC Rundbane, Bærum
  • 9. plass NC Maraton, Bukkerittet
  • 13. plass NM Maraton, Moldechallenge
  • 14. plass NC Rundbane, Horten
  • 14. plass NC Rundbane, Skullerud


  • 10. plass NC Maraton, Vestmarkrittet
  • 15. plass NC Rundbane, Bærum
  • 18. plass NC Maraton, Markatråkket

About me

I have found my passion and way of life within cycling and am a dedicated and ambitious athlete. I have completed a bachelor degree in Sports Science at Høgskolen i Lillehammer and have an extensive knowledge and experience within power based / scientific training both as an athlete and a coach. I also provide coaching services – read more about it HERE. In addition I have a great interest and knowledge within nutrition, bike gear and equipment and mechanics. At the moment (2016) I’m working full time as a sports officer in th eNorwegian Army besides my cycling. My focus as a cyclist lies within MTB marathon and stage racing, both national and abroad and my goal and dream is one day to ride the World Championship for Norway.


Started as a speed skater and XC skier as  a kid and have tried all kinds of endurance sports during my childhood and youth. That’s one of the reasons I’ve maintained my interest and motivation for sports during the years. Since year 2000 I was using my bike increasingly, and in 2007 I decided this was a sport I was good at and wanted to find my limits as an athlete. The quest is still on.. 🙂

2008 was my first season in the Norwegian marathon MTB cup and the main focus was to gather experience through as many races as possible. I quickly realized my strength was in the terrain and that’s naturally also where I found it most enjoyable. In ’08 my main focus was marathon, but I tested out some shorter XC racing late in the season. In 2009 it was more like 50/50. My goals were mostly accomplished and I had good progress.

The 2010 season was my first with a coach. That lead to good education, more payoff from training and even more progress. The results got better and better and my performance improved throughout the season and at the end I got my to date best achievements with a 7th place in Birken and feeling strong at the National Championship road race in Trondheim.

The following years I focused more on XC, since that was the Olympic discipline, but realized after some bad years that my physiology was more suited to longer races: marathons and stage races. I’m just not explosive enough. So now the focus is back to where it all began – endurance racing and having fun on the bike!

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