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In june 2013 I visited Iceland for the first time. Merida sent me there to see a bike-nation in exponential growth and a lot of enthusiasm for the sport of cycling. I also attended the Blue Lagoon Challenge MTB race and ended up having a great duel with one of Iceland’s finest. If you don’t remember, you can read the blog here.

Merida also wanted me to go last year, but I had just got better from pericarditis (heart virus) and was not in my best shape. So I decided to stay home to focus on my recovery. I felt very welcome in Iceland and of course I wanted to come visit again some day.

Now it’s that time of year again. Merida called me yesterday and wanted me to go to Iceland, and of course I said yes. Cycling is about living, travelling, meeting people and building new friendship so when Merida give me the opportunity to travel – I take it 🙂


Really looking forward to coming back there and race the Blue Lagoon Challenge 2015. Race date is 13th of june. As in 2013 I will be using my Merida Big.Nine-Team 29″. I really enjoy this bike and it feels very comfortable on gravel roads as well as stiff and responsive in the climbs. After the race I will of course enjoy a swim in one of natures finest “the blue lagoon”


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