What if we were wrong? What if the things you learned actually turned out to be false? The earth is not in fact flat, but people believed so back in the days.. DARE to challenge “facts”, experiment and think outside the box. Creativity has no boundaries and you might end up surprising everyone, including yourself.

It’s easy to be like everyone else, to copy their moves, agree to what they mean. DARE to be unique, to follow your gut and find your own way. Happiness is entirely personal, and your needs as a human are unique to you. What makes YOU happy?

It’s safe and comfortable being lazy, but DARE to challenge yourself and fight for what you believe in. Get out of your comfort zone. You will accomplish things others see as impossible as long as you believe in it yourself.

Dare to care, dare to live, dare to take action, dare to say NO, dare to give your best effort, dare to walk against the stream. It’s tough, but no-one never said it was going to be easy.

Dare to be YOUR best version of yourself!

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