Enduro time!

Hey ho everyone. I have been flying a lot lately and it’s not easy to keep track of my whereabouts. One week ago I was on a plane back to Norway from my first two weeks on Gran Canaria this fall. Last Tuesday I also woke up with a sore throat just to prepare for a long travel. I hoped for the best and crossed my fingers that my sinuses would not be completely blocked for the flight.

It was a tough trip home with a virus infection, headache and not much energy. I wasn’t home when I landed either, so the drive was another struggle. I brought my Merida Ninety-Six dually in the car home to visit my parents, but for the next five days I had more than enough with myself. No energy to ride a bike or even walk outside the house. When Monday came I was still sick, but another travel was on the schedule.

This time I brought the rest of my riding gear including my beloved MTB to south of France and Roc d’ Azur. Always been a pleasant stay down on the riviera, but at the moment my thoughts were centered around getting my health back. On our first day after travel I found the energy to put my bike together and coast down to the beach. But that was all I had in me for that day. Inhaled a decent breath of sea water to clear out the system, and laid flat in the sun the rest of the afternoon.


Øivind enjoying the trails of Roc d’ Azur

Wednesday (today) I joined my teammate Bjerkseth for a recon ride in the first and final section of the Roc Marathon course. I’ve done it plenty of times before and know it well, but Øivind is here for the first (but not last) time. I wanted to share some ‘secret’ lines with him ;). Still feeling quite crappy, but at least now my headache is starting to go away. 9 days of sickness is too long so no racing for me. The season is over, but I am preparing for my guiding job starting next week. So in that regard it was good that I got the sickness out of the way!

For next season I am thinking to mix it up a bit. It might be some different guiding jobs for me in cycling paradise, since Free Motion offers all from road bike tours ’till Enduro style single trail. It would be fun to mix it up and explore all the different elements on two wheels life have to offer. Next summer you might see me flying through the forests on this nice piece of kit: #Stoked – as they say 😉

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Merida One-Sixty 8000


Kask Rex Enduro helmet


Xpedo GFX Downhill / Enduro pedal


Northwave Enduro MTB shoes

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