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Hello world!

It’s about time to write some words again.. This is my second winter here in the Canary Islands working as a bike guide. The transition from a more “ordinary” predictable life back in Norway into the unknown has of course had it’s challenges, but I don’t regret doing it. It all boils down to listening to your inner voice in the search of finding yourself.

I have always been curious to find out and understand how things work. When I  was young, I often dismantled toys ’till they were impossible to put back together just to find out of the function. Still today I dive into articles and research about how things work and at the moment I’m amazed about the human body and mind. As an enthusiastic athlete I have always had the tendency to experiment and push my limits, just to find out how much is too much, what works and what doesn’t. To put this experience into good use is an a form of art, but just having this knowledge is valuable.

One reason I changed course was because I love the outdoors. The nature and in particular the freedom of exploring on two wheels makes me like the summer more than the winter. I enjoy the seasons, but the winters in the North are too long and dark for me. So I didn’t see myself growing old in such a place. The winters in the Canary Islands are like northern European summers, and in the summer time my idea is to stay in the Alpine parts of Bayern.

Last summer I bought a Mercedes Sprinter and started the project to convert it into a home on wheels. Completely custom and built after my desires and intended use. The dream is a rolling house to be used to go for adventures together with my girlfriend and of course we will bring the Merida’s on the trips 🙂 I promise that there will be some stories during the summer! I love to inspire you people to stay active, enjoy the nature and share our passion with you all.

Another important reason for my transition has been the acknowledgement of the need to relax. When I’m always exploring or investigating some new things my mind stays on high alert. There is an expression called #wired and I think that’s me 😮 Relaxing is a skill I have yet to master, but awareness is the first step. I think it may come easier when the adventure van is ready to roll..

What is important in life? What am I willing to suffer for? These are fundamental questions I ask myself to find purpose in life. I have embraced the value of time instead of money. Of course we need money to exist, but work on eliminate expenses then see how far you can get with less and how much more relaxed and harmonious the world will feel.

If you don’t have good health your money will be worthless. Take Steve Jobs as an example. One of the wealthiest men died from cancer. It just shows the value of health. There are many who take their health for granted and are complacent with their bodies. But remember that your nutrition is a much larger part of your health than your physical activity. Take care of your body and your health like a temple, you have only one!

Another important pillar in my life is friendship. Someone once said “Happiness is only real when shared” and that says it all. Of course you shouldn’t let others be responsible for your own happiness, that’s YOUR job! But just try to go on an adventure together with some friends and feel how much more enjoyable it is. Shared memories and experiences that only you who were there will ever fully understand.

To get the best out of your friendships have a positive view on life. Some people always searches for what’s bad or wrong and your perception of a certain situation comes very much down to how you see it. For example the obvious “glass half empty or half full”. Another example: You’re sitting in a traffic jam at rush hour. You may get irritated because you lose valuable time, but what about the rest of them? What about their time? Are you more important than them? Is your time more valuable? Are you better than them? Do you think they parked their cars in front of you just so you would spend some extra valuable time i traffic? Breathe, accept, relax. They did not do this to spite you. You just decided to drive the same way as many others at the same time and the roads are not big enough to fit all cars at once… Sorry mac. Plan better next time 😀

Last input of this brainstorm is change. For me I like to challenge myself with new tasks and use my intellect to solve “problems” and other unknowns. A life as a factory / industry worker with to much repetition would bore me to the degree of depression. People are different (thankfully), but we all have to take care of what’s right for us and work for our own happiness. I like to work here on Gran Canaria in the winter time, but really look forward to the next step into the unknown. I know one thing though… the best girl in the world will be there waiting for me 🙂


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