The week of Scultura’17

Okay. Two weeks ago it was like just like Christmas, only in the middle of summer.. I got myself a 2017 Merida Scultura road bike! Up till then I’ve been training on the road with my reliable friend Reacto’15, but now it was time for a change of colours. Welcome PINK 🙂


If you pay close attention to details and/or know the spec’s of this monster of a bicycle you will notice I have made some slight changes. Every rider has a different posterity and I have found my saddle for road comfort – Prologo Nago Evo CPC. So changed from the original which was Prologo Scratch. Still a superb saddle, but a slight more flat profile.

I also added a handy small Topeak saddlebag to accommodate two tubes, patch, multitool, tyre lever. The wheels that came with the bike were top of the line Fulcrum Carbon Clinchers, but I’ve put on some simpler ones for training. And also but not least – my trusted SRM Shimano DA9000 power meter 😉


The following weekend I invited a few friends and we got a nice long endurance ride together around Tyrifjorden. Great company, and we also managed to dodge the heavy but very local rain showers threatening to flush us off the road. Encountered some thunder storms rolling straight by us. Half way on our ride we made a short pit stop for some mandatory coffee and also got time for a bike lineup outside the gas station.


Later that week, the weather had it’s unpredictable moments. It was very hard to make any guess if it was going to rain or not, but from my experience – if you bring a raincoat, you will drive the rain away in a different direction. And I was right this time as well. Blue skies and a wonderful Oslo summer day together with my new shining Scultura in peaceful and relaxing Maridalen.

IMG_1081 IMG_1082

You can not own a bike like this if you don’t like to climb. It just screams – “climb me” straight out of the box. And so I did – more than once 😉 The longest climb in the area is Tryvann. Not much to brag about compared to the Alps, Pyrenees, Rockies or any other mountain range, but accessible for the local climbers and rich folk.

I love my climbs longer, but you have to take what you get and make the best out of it. So that’s why I often get a sawtooth profile from my training rides. Up/down/up/down… You get the point. You have to train at what you want to become good at, so climbing around anaerobic threshold is an essential part of my training.


At the end of last week I took a trip home to Hallingdal to visit my family and assist in the road stage race Tour de Hallingdal. Of course I brought my bike with me, and it’s therapeutic to just cruise down the valley in a good pace surrounded by beautiful landscape on all sides. The following pictures are from Gulsvik and Krødern.

IMG_1106 IMG_1109

Then I also took the opportunity to climb up to the mountain at Golsfjellet to inspect the final kilometers of a top finish stage of the local tour. The Scultura also works flawlessly even on gravel roads. It’s equipped with 25mm tires as standard, but even with my Hutchinson Fusion 23mm (click the link for a good offer) the roads were smooth as silk. I ride 7 bar air pressure both front and rear tyre.

IMG_1120 IMG_1125

After the weekend in Gol, Hallingdal I went back to Oslo and a week at work. Holiday season is here, so the roads are unusually quiet these days. But no problem to enjoy the company of my new bike 😉 After a complete week dedicated to my new road bike I felt sorry for my two MTB’s that stood there crying for some company. So this week has been dedicated to some MTB rides. It all finished with Valdresrittet, but more from that later.



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