Two weeks in paradise

I can get used to this, no doubt about it. Never regret the things you did, but take experience on along the way and give f**k about the rest. After just two weeks down here in the sun I’m already starting to realize I should have followed my gut and taken this step a lot sooner. But no point in looking back now. I have finally closed the doors behind me and have no regrets about my choices. The uncertainty ahead is filled with both opportunity and excitement and there are no limits to what we can accomplish.


Easy climb up Fataga Valley


After a long, steep and hot climb up Guayadeque


Free Motion Tour down Tauropass. Epic view towards Mogán

I’ve found a really good friend down here already in my housemate and guide buddy Otto, and together we have some interesting projects in progress. So if you as one of my friends are thinking about coming down to Gran Canaria some time in the future for either training or holiday you should contact me for a good deal in renting a room.

As you leave the past behind you and manage to look forward and be open for suggestions new opportunities present them selves. As of right now I look forward with a lot of enthusiasm for the time to come. The new life for me, waking up, having breakfast and a coffee, watching the sun rise and listen to some relaxing music before changing into cycling gear is just as amazing as I imagined it to be.


Sunrise in Sonnenland, Maspalomas

Remember – you only live once and I don’t want to try making others jealous or anything. Just to inspire to follow your own dreams and dare to be honest to yourself and take care of your own needs. I don’t look at myself as selfish, because I don’t push others out of the way to get what I want. I take pride in my work and really enjoy seing others have a great time on their bike and enjoy a stress free break from their normal busy lives.

Two weeks ago I came down here with a bike box and a bag og clothes. This Wednesday I returned home to Norway for a few days to pack my mountain bike and some more stuff before heading back via the south of France (Riviera) for a week. I’ll start to work properly as a Free Motion Cycling Guide in mid October.


Shadow time in Free Motion Bike Stop, Artenara

During my two weeks stay in GC I managed to sort out my working permission, make a new friendship and a business partner and buy myself a motorcycle and some scuba gear. Nice to have this in place for when I return, because then it’s more or less about work (guiding), relaxing and leisure activities. What I would normally pay over 1000 euros for is now a normal part of my lifestyle. I am so extremely grateful and happy about this 🙂

One thing worth noting is the acclimation phase I went through. Coming from Norwegian autumn (even though it was still +15-20C) I met steady 30-35C on the island. The heat stress made my heart work overtime and my form felt complete crap. Drank LOTS of water and put extra salt on everything, and through the amazing acts of nature my body gradually adapted. So in the second week this temp felt comfy and the heart rate was back down to normal.

Yea yea.. not much structure in this update, but so what. Just wanted you all to know a bit what was going on. Will continue my blogging when down in France as well. See you



Flying high with Norwegian


Coffee stop at Meloneras Beach


Cooling down in our swimming pool

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